The Man Behind TFI Lunch

Frank is the owner and inspiration behind TFI Lunch.

In fact, the ‘F’ in TFI stands for Frank – ‘Thank Frank It’s Lunch’!Prior to opening TFI Lunch, Frank was in the merchant navy, following which he worked the oceans as a fisherman. Having retired from the sea with a chest full of stories (yes, our very own ‘Uncle Albert’!).Frank decided to set his wonderful inter-personal skills to use and set up a cafĂ© by the sea.

During the summer, Frank is usually found at the front of the shop, meeting and greeting customers.

During the winter, his old sea legs take him inside in the warm, where he can be found telling his sea tales to anyone who will listen!

Please take time to say hello to Frank as you can be assured that both Frank
and he rest of the team at TFI Lunch will give you a wonderfully warm welcome
every time!