Christmas Party Catering

Christmas Party CateringChristmas Party Catering – “Like it or not, but now that we’ve all returned from the summer holidays, it is now time to start thinking about organising that Christmas party!  This year as companies set their entertainment budgets for the festive season in the light of current economic malaise, one phrase will be used more often than not, “we can’t spend too much!”

As a party organiser, this is the last thing you want to hear, as it makes your life that much harder trying to find the right venue, food, music to keep everyone happy on a slimmed down budget. So, this year, you really need to be on top of your game!

Here are some of our top tips to ensure you come out looking like a true party organising god / goddess.

1)      Start early – leaving the organising of something like a Christmas party for ‘tomorrow’ isn’t going to help make it easier! Kick off the process now and secure at least a venue. Starting early also has the benefit that all of the ‘free’ venues are going to be snapped up sharpish, so get in there quick! And yes, many venues do offer free facilities as they aim to make their dosh on the booze that you and your buddies will be consuming…….and if you are planning a party for local Alcohol Anonymous society or the Mormons…. just don’t tell the venue!

2)      Work out how your budget should be broken down. Key thoughts should be around music, food, drink, decorations and even transport. Once your budget is set get hunting on Google! Be wary of recommendations from venues around the food offering if they are proposing to ‘arrange’ it on your behalf or as part of a package. Unless you are in discussions with a quality restaurant as the location for your party, be careful, and remember that if it sounds too good (i.e. cheap!) to be true, it probably is!

3)      Don’t be afraid to tell a potential venue that you are bringing in your own music, caterers, jugglers etc. as they are probably happy just to have you on board for the drink sales. Don’t let them bully you!

4)      For the food side, you will need to have your “spend per head” figure ready before you approach any caterers with a request for a quote. Why not check out our offerings at and see a range of quality buffets all at reasonable prices! You can use these as a benchmark for all your other enquiries.

5)      When choosing a caterer, do your research and make sure that they can physically manage a job as big as a Christmas party – providing quality catering for 300 people cannot be done out the back of a hotdog van !

Finally, on the ‘don’t leave it too late’ theme – remember that good caterers, like good venues, get booked up early……so get going soon and best of luck!

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